o continue to be a professional and productive agency for our customers and factories offering excellent service in all areas. M.L. Ray & Associates, Inc. has an advanced view of marketing and sales and executes that with sales training, dealer and distributor promotions and industry knowledge along with excellent communication.
We call on all the shooting sports distributors and major dealers in our market area as well as all law enforcement dealers and distributors in this area. By having a constant and personal sales presence in front of the dealer and/or distributor our goal is to grow our business and that of our manufacturers’. We strive to continually provide our customers and companies with the best personal service possible.

P.O. Box 774 • 3857 S. Cave Hill Rd. • Versailles, IN 47042 • (812) 667-6660 (Office) • (812) 667-6662 (Fax)
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